(Diploma in Engineering,Drafters, ITI,CTI etc.)

  • Drafters
  • Qyality Control Technicians- QS & ISO expertise
  • CNC- 3D contour mold milling
  • Electrician-Stamping presses, assembly machinery

DESIGNERS with CAD Experience:
(Diploma in Engineering,Drafters, ITI,CTI etc.)

  • Designers- Catia Ver.5
  • Designers- Unigraphics
  • Designers- SDRC/ IDEAS
  • Designers- Auto Cad 14 or 2000
  • Designers- TOOL/FIXTURE (Experience in Catia V.4.4)

(Cad experience preferred)

  • Design Engineers
  • Cost Engineers
  • Quality Engineers- ISO9000/QS9000
  • Product Engineers
  • Welding Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Tooling Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Die Design Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers


Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT v4.0, Windows XP/98/95, UNIX, MS-DOS.
MS-Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, LINUX 7.x., CLIX (UNIX ported on Intergraph Clipper processor) in a Distributed environment and Windows NT to 2000 migration with all type of branded H/W -DELL, IBM, HP etc. - SERVERS, Desktops and Notebooks., Linux (Suse 6.2, RedHat 7.2), Unix (Solaris 2.7), Linux 6.2 and Macintosh, Cisco IOS V11.X, Ver12.X , MS-Win NT 2k/4.0, Security Protocol: PPTP, IPSe..........etc.

Language Skills: JSP, Visual Basic 6.0, JavaScript, VBScrip and x86 assembly language.t , Script in Linux,C, C++, Visual C++ .NET & 6.0 (SDK, MFC, ATL), T-SQL, Java 2, Java 1.1/1.2, SQL, PL/SQL, COM, ActiveX, Swing, PL/SQL, JSP, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL/XSLT, ASP, PERL, UNIX RELEASE 4, PASCAL ,COBOL RPG/400.........etc.

Tools: UML, JBUILDER3.0, Edit plus, Rational Rose, IIS, Visio and Objective Grid, NMS - Network Monitoring -SNMPC5.0, Firewall -Check Point, ISA Server, McAfee Enterprise Anti Virus, Net Support 6, Dameware, Exceed, SMS 2.0, TCP/IP - Subnetting, RAID Solutions, Remedy, Microsoft Visual source Safe, Backup -Veritas and Arc Serve Enterprise Solutions, DHCP, WINS, DNS, RAS, Proxy Server 2.0 and INTER-TEL Phone system, Microsoft Visual Interdev v6.0, Microsoft Visual Source Safe v6.0, Microsoft Visual Basic v6.0, Microsoft FrontPage 98, Source Depot, Microsoft Visual C++ v5.0, Crystal Reports, Developer 2000, Power Builder 5.0.....etc.

RDBMS : MS-ACCESS, SQL SERVER 7.0, Btrieve and Access. Oracle 7.3/8 and DB2, Oracle 8.0, Oracle 8i/9i, Pro*C........etc.

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