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Is change good after loosing your Job?

If you find yourself in the job market unexpectedly, your first instinct might be to look for exactly the same kind of work: same work hours, same industry, same responsibilities, same set of skills and knowledge. But this might be a good time for a career change or a shift in perspective. Consider these options:
* Join a competitor.
Think about moving to the same type of work with an organization that competes with your previous employer. Competitors are keenly interested in hiring talent that knows the industry. But first, be sure to check whether you have a noncompete clause.
* Court customers.
Your former customers could be great prospects. If you have a solid relationship, they already know of your talent and they know you understand their concerns.
* Shift to vendors.
Vendors also will see you as having credibility and in-depth knowledge, even though you are not technically in their industry.
* Try contracting.
If you have a highly prized technical capability, consider becoming an independent contractor to your old company or its competitors. As corporations outsource more and more, this option is one of the fastest-growing career-change possibilities. Remember the cardinal rule of contracting: "The narrower the niche, the fatter the fee." Narrow and deep sells; broad and shallow doesn't.
* Work at home.
Many people eliminate commute time, escape managers and work on their own schedule by working at home. All kinds of consulting, selling and information-based businesses can be run from home. Keep in mind, however, that self-employment usually requires incredibly long hours, with no health benefits and lower pay than a comparable salaried position.
* Embrace entrepreneurship.
Starting a business, buying a small business, starting a consulting or contracting business or buying a franchise are all viable options. Go slowly and do your homework before taking the plunge.
* Simplify and shift down.
Combine a career change with a simpler lifestyle. Could you move to a less expensive house? Sell that extra car? Many older executives and other professionals have discovered they don't really need the income stream they once required. Consider a career change that might pay less but gives you exactly what you need at this point in your life.