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Draw Back by Today's e-mail system:


E-mail is an excellent system for communication, but it is not favorable for both employers and Job seekers. Most of the applicants are misusing the e-mail system by sending same resume at the same time to hundreds employers with using"CC" or "BCC".

According to the survey, most of the employers are frustrated when they see unmatched, unskilled, and unsuitable resumes to fill their vacancies. Employers cannot spend their time to read all email resumes to fill their vacancies. Keep in mind - time is money in the United State and no employer can afford this. Many employers do not open emails that contain resumes as attachments, because of higher risk of computer viruses.

Due to the above reasons, most of the Employers have been started to pay 10 to 25% of the applicant's salary to the recruiters. This practice has been growing rapidly for the last 10 years. The recruiting companies are spending lot of time to read the resumes, make separate files or folders to match the employer's folders, openings, and requirements to fill the vacancies.

Employers are spending lot of money on this procedure because they cannot afford to hire wrong person and fire the applicant after few months. Firing the candidate is very costly to the employers because of rehiring cost and failure of product delivery just in time.