North America Business Opportunities


This site is only for businessmen, entrepreneurs, and for individual professionals to start the business in their own Country by Joint Venture with US. Or Canadian Companies. Our specialist will help you to set up your Business from A to Z under international rules.

Why US Companies are interested to do business in India or China to import from clothes, shoes…… parts ?

1. Cheaper labor
2. Easy approval by US Govt.
3. Thousands Companies are interested in both Countries after Sep.11
4. Franchise Companies are ready to give rights to do business in these Countries
5. Individuals can get rights to sell US products in these Countries or can set up business in USA by Joint Venture

We may bring US interested Companies to invest in your projects or any individuals who are interested to get license for US New products to sell in their Countries. All correspondence will be strictly confident.

If you have any interest, please send us information about you and your particular product to export or import.


You can join our team in the following Businesses: